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Hammaka Shammaka Spam

Paid "web content" by shammock purveyors and sellout bloggers.

Hammaka Nami Chair Forest Green
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Great hammock, Bad stand

Looks like you got a great Mayan hammock . . .
sorry you bought a shammock stand that greatly reduces its comfort potential.

The only stand that properly suspends a Mayan Hammock is Infinity™.

August Cookout : The Orange Room
By jackie
Gracie loves the hammock. Everyone loves the hammock. August dessert table 2. The August dessert table. I'm really thrilled with this one, I made devil's food cake with vanilla buttercream (with polka dots that my niece Grace helped me ...
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Disclaimer - Rope Hammock Scammer

Written by another clueless "content" mercenary, hired by rope shammock purveyors:

Choosing the Perfect Hammock By Galia Ivanova At Ezine ...
By Galia Ivanova
Title: Choosing the Perfect Hammock, Category: Home Management, Author: Galia Ivanova, PubDate: 2009-08-31.
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I LOVE the disclaimer at the bottom of this shammock article:

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Two cute babies on a Rope Shammock.

Caption should read:


Siriana Mae & Helen Elizabeth: Hammock time
By The Viking
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Hammaka Shammock Chair Tripod

One of the most ridiculous contraptions ever conceived for hanging a hammock chair

Look at the footprint required to use this product - and compare it with a real hammock chair stand that does the job in 40% of the space.


Hammaka Hammock Chair & Tripod Stand Forest Green W Aluminum ...
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Shammock Spam

Why do shammock purveyors even think you are dumb enough to follow spam links slammed together like this? Typical shammock blog spam full of broken links.

Lots of plugs for the Hammaka brand single point shammock chair:

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Hanging Cradle Chair In Addition Chair Hanging Pivots Foot Rest ...
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Garden Chair Swings , Make Swing Chair , Bubble Swing Chair - Damaged
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Damaged -

Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair-Cherry Red W Wood Dowels

This clap-trap Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair is for you. . . if you like the idea of dangling uncomfortably in a chair with fixed armrests, a drink holder that slaps you in the face while you sit in the chair, and a single point design, doomed to eventual failure.

Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair - Cherry Red W Wood Dowels
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Aluminum Hanging Hammock Chair w/ Optional Stand Hammaka Hammocks Wood Dowels Cradle Chair And Suelo Stand/Wood Chair Combo- Cherry Red. Quantity Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair- Cherry Red w/ Aluminum Dowels $69.99. ...
Digital Cakes -

Dual Point Hammock chairs are superior: The CON2OUR™ Hammock Chair, from Green Eggs & Hammocks, is best in class.

Mayan hammock stands

Despite what is being said on

NO, YOU CANNOT hang a Mayan style hammock from a "classic" shammock stand - i.e. the "tri-beam" stand.

Mayan hammocks need suspension points ten to 12 feet apart, and roughly 6 feet above ground. This is higher and closer together than the common stands which are made for hammocks with spreader bars - properly hung at 13' to 15' apart and 4' to 4.5' above ground. Mayan hammock can be STRUNG UP on a common stand, but will not open properly.

If you follow the advice of these shammock purveyors, you will end up cursing the Mayan hammock for "wrapping you up like a taco." Let's lay the blame squarely on these shammock dolts and common shammock stands, which do not properly accommodate Mayan hammocks (spreaderless hammocks). Common 3-beam hammock stands, and Roman Arch style stands, do not even suspend the Caribbean style hammock (those with spreaders) in an ideal manner.

The shammock purveyors at are clueless:

can you hang a mayan or mexican hammock from a traditional stand ...
By admin
I have a mayan/mexican hammock (without a spreader bar). Can I hang this from a classic stand like this, for.
Hammock Chair Stands -

These "classic" stands are all open forms. As such, they wobble as the hammock swings, damping out the soothing sway of your hammock in a few short seconds. Furthermore, the pipe junctions, where all the stress is placed on these stands, are on the ground, where they rust. The wooden arch-style stands are laminated - and in a short time the laminate comes apart as it sits in the sun and rain.

A few short seasons and your "classic" hammock stands will break.

The bar that lies directly beneath the hammock on classic stands is a tripping hazard.

You can't mow under it. It leaves ugly brown spots in your lawn.

"Classic" stands bigger and heavier than they need to be, and provide less utility than they should.

The solution is our patented stand- called Infinity™
The only true
Universal Hammock Stand.

Infinity™ is the only stand which will properly accommodate both Mayan (spreaderless)hammocks and hammocks with spreaders.

You can even improve the sway of the shammock you bought from the other guys, if you put it on our Infinity™.

"classic" 3-beam stand shown inside the Infinity™ for a size reference

Views of Infinity™ with Mayan and Caribbean style hammocks.

Foreground: Mayan hammock shown on Infinity™ with shade canopy.
XCHAIR Universal Hammock Stand in the background
Camping shammocks. I have yet to find one that is remotely comfortable in comparison to The Original Mayan Hammock™. Our Mayan hammocks are far superior. Add a mosquitonet and a lightweight rain fly, and you have a far superior setup that weighs no more and packs no larger than specialized "camping hammocks," and you'll sleep comfortably.
Hammock Fest 09 Pictures - Hammock Forums : Your Number One ...
By ricegravy
Hammock Fest 09 Pictures Hangouts, Campouts, and Trip Planning.
Hammock Forums : Your Number... -