Monday, 31 August 2009

Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair-Cherry Red W Wood Dowels

This clap-trap Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair is for you. . . if you like the idea of dangling uncomfortably in a chair with fixed armrests, a drink holder that slaps you in the face while you sit in the chair, and a single point design, doomed to eventual failure.

Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair - Cherry Red W Wood Dowels
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Aluminum Hanging Hammock Chair w/ Optional Stand Hammaka Hammocks Wood Dowels Cradle Chair And Suelo Stand/Wood Chair Combo- Cherry Red. Quantity Hammaka Hanging Hammock Chair- Cherry Red w/ Aluminum Dowels $69.99. ...
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Dual Point Hammock chairs are superior: The CON2OUR™ Hammock Chair, from Green Eggs & Hammocks, is best in class.

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