Monday, 31 August 2009

Great hammock, Bad stand

Looks like you got a great Mayan hammock . . .
sorry you bought a shammock stand that greatly reduces its comfort potential.

The only stand that properly suspends a Mayan Hammock is Infinity™.

August Cookout : The Orange Room
By jackie
Gracie loves the hammock. Everyone loves the hammock. August dessert table 2. The August dessert table. I'm really thrilled with this one, I made devil's food cake with vanilla buttercream (with polka dots that my niece Grace helped me ...
The Orange Room -

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  1. Yes, the Infinity (TM) stand looks inspiring and is a revolution in hammock stand design. Congratulations! It does seem, however, that you do not sell this product at all. Several photos are posted, yet there is no way for a consumer to view the product specifications (footprint, weight, capacity, dimensions) nor to purchase the unit. When it is available, let me know.